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There are 39 interesting articles are published this week, nine of them are written by your CE friends. Please find them in Article/Lecture Note category.

Here are the titles of the articles :

1.            Power When You Need It

2.            Light-Field Photography Revolutionizes Imaging

3.            New Wafers For 3-D Transistors

4.            Making Objects Invisible to Magnetic Fields

5.            Electronic Eye Glasses and Contact Lens for those Needing Vision Help or the Latest Tweets

6.            Algorithms Replace Spinal Cord In New Approach to Neural Prosthetics

7.            Japanese Humanoid Robot Can Keep Its Balance After Getting Kicked

8.            Airport Security: Time For A New Flight Plan

9.            Middle Ear MEMS Microphone Could Restore Hearing

10.          Computers with an Ear for Music

11.          Plant DNA vs. Counterfeit Chips

12.          Nanogenerators Easier and Cheaper to Produce than Ever Before

13.          The Battle Between ARM and Intel Gets Real

14.          Transit of Venus: The Other Half of the Longitude Story

15.          Ratings for Football Helmets Help Improve Player Safety- But Not Before Another Tragedy

16.          Whitepaper: An Engineer’s Guide for Building Applications with the PCBMotor

17.          Whitepaper: How to Evaluate Chemically Resistant Adhesives

18.          Compressed Sensing Allows Imaging of Live Cell Structures :

19.          Compressed Sensing in Dynamic MRI

20.          Why compressive sensing will change the world

21.          Compressive Sensing Resources

22.          Compressive Sensing: The Big Picture

23.          Compressive Sensing Blog

24.          Cleve’s Corner – “Magic” Reconstruction: Compressed Sensing

25.          Compressive Sensing for Speech Signals in Mobile Systems

26.          Getting more with less in imaging: compressive sensing

27.          NOVEL DISPLAYS/IMAGERS: Compressive sensing architecture advances infrared camera design


29.          The beauty of compressive sensing

30.          Compressive Sensing — A 25 Minute Tour

31.          Improved Pediatric MR Imaging with Compressed Sensing

32.          Compressed Sensing

33.          Two IT pros show how VDI can change the desktop management game

34.          How do you integrate VOIP and collaboration software with your desktop virtualization project?

35.          February Technical Guide on Cloud Compliance

36.          E-Book: What’s New in Windows Server 2008 and 2008 R2

37.          How Ruggedness Reduces TCO for Mobile Computers

38.          Business Intelligence Strategy

39.          The Coming Storage Armageddon: What Your Database Administration Isn’t Telling You