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The Computer Engineering (CEN) Study Program was established in September 1987 under the Faculty of Computer Studies and since 2011 are under Faculty of Engineering BINUS UNIVERSITY. The CEN Study Program is accredited Grade “A” by the National Board of Higher Education (BAN-PT) in 2013 and also accredited by the Engineering Accreditation Commission of ABET, www.abet.org in 2015. It has various alumni who have gone on to take part in various domains of the business industry. The CEN Study Program was founded to meet the demand of knowledge about computer systems encompassing computer hardware, software and computer networks. The Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) and the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), the well established and world-famous organizations, use the following definition: "Computer Engineering embodies the science and the technology of design, construction, implementation and maintenance of the hardware and the software components of modern computing systems and computer-controlled equipment," and its graduates stated: "Computer Engineers are solidly grounded in the theories and principles of computing, mathematics, and engineering; and apply these theoretical principles to design hardware, software, networks, and computerized equipment and instruments to solve problems in diverse application domains." Hence, graduates of the CEN Study Program will enjoy the knowledge of computer software as well as computer hardware. This will allow graduates to contribute to any application wherever computers are used. The development of Information Technology and the need for experienced computer systems professionals is behind the innovative CEN Program. Currently, the Program covers expertise in understanding to build a completed computer system solution that consists of hardware and software, ranging from the communication system to intelligent embedded systems. Konfirmasi dari Jurusan: Organisasi yang telah mapan dan terkenal di dunia, yaitu Institute of Electrical & Electronic Engineers (IEEE) dan Association for Computing Machinery (ACM), menggunakan definisi berikut untuk Teknik Komputer: "Teknik Komputer menyatukan sains dan teknologi desain, konstruksi, implementasi dan pemeliharaan dari perangkat keras dan perangkat lunak dari sistem komputasi modern dan peralatan - peralatan yang dikendalikan komputer, "dan lulusannya mengatakan:" Insinyur Teknik Komputer didasarkan pada teori dan prinsip-prinsip komputasi, matematika, dan teknik, dan menerapkan prinsip-prinsip teoritis untuk merancang perangkat keras, perangkat lunak, jaringan, dan peralatan yang terkomputerisasi dan instrument untuk memecahkan masalah dalam beragam domain aplikasi. "   Catalog 2013 (PDF), Catalog 2014 (PDF), Catalog 2015 (PDF), Catalog 2016 (PDF), Catalog 2017 (PDF), Catalog 2018 (PDF)