Embedded System Laboratory is one of the rooms on the ground floor of building H of the Syahdan Campus of BINUS University which is intended for students majoring in Computer Engineering. This room is used for theoretical class learning and practicum classes for courses related to the field of Embedded Systems. In this room, various facilities and equipment are provided to support theoretical and practicum classes so that the material can be delivered optimally.

This Embedded System Laboratory room has several general equipment facilities to support the learning and teaching process in this classroom. The equipment includes:

  • LCD projector, a whiteboard, and computers for practicum purposes
  • In addition, the room is equipped with a tools that support IOT and Embedded Practicum such as:
    • Arduino
    • ESP3
    • RaspberryPi
    • IoT Sensor
    • FPGA (Field Programmable Gate Array)

The Embedded System Laboratory room computer is equipped with various software that has been installed in it to support the running of the practicum.

  • The first application is the Vivado application. Vivado is a software used in Digital Systems practicum. The app allows students to design and program complex digital systems. In the Digital Systems practicum, students can learn about circuit design, FPGA programming, and advanced digital system development.
  • Next there is the Visual Studio Code or VSCode application. VSCode is a very popular and versatile code editor. This application is used in IoT Design and Application practicum. Through VSCode, students can code, develop, and test applications related to the Internet of Things. This practicum provides opportunities for students to learn about sensor networks, cloud-based application development, and rapidly developing IoT technology.
  • Finally, the Fusion 360 software application. Fusion 360 is a 3D design software used in System and Project Engineering practicums. Using Fusion 360, students can design and analyze complex systems, such as mechanical, electronic, and mechatronic systems. This practicum provides opportunities for students to integrate knowledge in various disciplines and develop innovative projects.

For the video of the Room, you can see below here: