Bioengineers Make DNA Into a Living Flash Drive

23 May 2012—Bioengineers looking to turn microbes into manufacturers have longed for a kit of components as regular and predictable as those used by electrical engineers. But biology is a lot messier. Now a group of engineers at Stanford University say they’ve managed to make one such component—the genetic equivalent of a reliable memory device. In a report published this week in Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, they detail how they developed rewritable DNA memory that works in living cells and can keep its data even as cells divide and multiply. DNA memory already exists but has been limited to write-once versions that can record only as many cellular events (such as cellular divisions) as there are bits. But the reversible storage system the Stanford researchers have ginned up is capable of being expanded to record a potentially huge number of events—2n events, where n is the number of bits……

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Bioengineers Make a Flash Drive from DNA