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Whitepapers :

  1. Integrated Chip Package System Simulation
  2. Challenges and opportunities  for  the medical device industry

Articles :

  1. The Mind-Reading Machine
  2. Fukushima Nuclear Accident: The Earthquake Question
  3. The Quest for 2-D Silicon
  4. 14-Year-Old Student Turns Rain Into Electricity
  5. France Telecom Mobile Network Outage Affecting 26 Million Subscribers, Angers Government Ministers
  6. The Cultural Treasures in Google Ngram
  7. Nanostructures Modeled on the Moth Eye Reduce Radiation in Medical Imaging
  8. Scientists Build Vascular Network Using Sugar and a 3-D Printer
  9. Apes With Apps
  10. A Skeptic Looks at Alternative Energy
  11. 99.9 Percent Accurate Genome Sequencing
  12. A Butane Recharger for Your Cellphone
  13. Simple Process Turns T-Shirt into a Supercapacitor

News :

  1. BINUSIAN successfully made CO2 laser-based CNC machin

Galery Thesis :

  1. Perancang Alat Pengirng Otomatis Berbasiskan Mikrokontroller
  2. Aplikasi RF Sebagai Jalur Komunikasi Tombol Darurat Pada Perumahan
  3. Kontrol dan Pengawas Multi Genset Berbasis Protokol MODBUS Via Jaringan Lokal (LAN)
  4. Implementasi SIP PBX pada Small Office
  5. Aplikasi Sistem Pneumatik Pada Mobile Robot Untuk Menaiki dan Menuruni Tangga
  6. Bipedal Walking Robot

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