Symbolic/Nonsymbolic Access Protocol

Over the Internet, no one can be sure that the party on the other end is who they say they are. In addition, online assets and resources are commonly accessed using passwords and codes that, in principle, are known only by their rightful owners. Yet a password can be given away, stolen, or even sold outright. As a result, asset ownership in dissociative environments such as the Internet is inferred but can never be assured because there is no first party contact.

However, a method of establishing someone’s identity is presented that could prevent the mounting costs associated with fraud, identity theft, and a gamut of other illicit activities. This unconventional method exploits the growing popularity of “IT prosthesis” such as Bluetooth headsets, augmented reality glasses, and future tech that one can only imagine, to facilitate the non-symbolic aspect of a dichotomous security protocol that validates asset ownership and control. [Read More]