New Post 22 Sept 2012

There are many New Posts, Here are the titles of the posts :


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1.Visual Odometry Through Appearance- And Feature-Based Method With Omnidirectional Images

2.Smart Localization Using A New Sensor Association Framework For Outdoor Augmented Reality Systems

3.Medical Robots: Current Systems And Research Directions

4.Robots Learn Writing

5.Fuzzy Interpolation And Other Interpolation Methods Used In Robot Calibrations

6.A Comparison between Position-Based and Image-Based Dynamic Visual Servoings in the Control of a Translating Parallel Manipulator

7.Geometric Parameter Identification Of A 6-DOF Space Robot Using A Laser-Ranger

8.Reconstruction Of Riser Profiles By An Underwater Robot Using Inertial Navigation

9.Robotics Middleware: A Comprehensive Literature Survey And Attribute-Based Bibliography

10.Partition Learning For Multiagent Planning

11.Mechanical Description Of A Hyper-Redundant Robot Joint Mechanism Used For A Design Of A Biomimetic Robotic Fish

12.Dynamic Resource Management In 802.11 Wireless Mesh Networks

13.Troubleshooting Assistance Services In Community Wireless Networks

14.Cognitive Code-Division Channelization With Admission Control

15.Development Of Personal Wellness Information Model For Pervasive Healthcare

16.Context-Aware Adaptation Of Component-Based Systems: An Active Repository Approach

17.The Concept Of The Remote Devices Content Management

18.Real-Time Communications In Autonomic Networks: System Implementation And Performance Evaluation

19.Exploiting Location And Contextual Information To Develop A Comprehensive Framework For Proactive Handover In Heterogeneous Environments