Bit Rate Optimization with MMSE Detector for Multicast LP-OFDM Systems

We propose a new resource allocation algorithm with minimum mean square error (MMSE) detector for multicast linear precoded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing (LP-OFDM) systems. To increase the total multicast bit rate, this algorithm jointly uses the LP-OFDM modulation technique and an adaptation of the OFDM-based multicast approaches to exploit the transmission link diversities of users. The LP technique applied to multicast OFDM systems with zero forcing (ZF) detector has already proved its ability to increase the unirate multicast system bit rate in a power line communication (PLC) context. The new MMSE detector and the new related bit-loading algorithm are developed to enhance the ZF detector results. To improve both the bit rate and the fairness among multicast users, the utilization of the LP component in multirate multicast systems is then investigated. Simulations are run over indoor PLC channels, and it is shown that the proposed LP-based methods outperform the OFDM-based methods in terms of total bit rate and fairness index for both unirate and multirate multicast systems. Additionally, it is shown that the proposed bit-loading algorithm with MMSE detector outperforms the ZF detector and the OFDM-based receiver in terms of total multicast bit rate and fairness among users. [Read More]