Comparison Study of Resource Allocation Strategies for OFDM Multimedia Networks

Advanced MAC scheduling schemes provide efficient support of multimedia services in multiuser OFDM wireless networks. Designed in a cross layer approach, they opportunistically consider the channel state and are well adapted to the wireless multipath fading environment. These schedulers take advantage of time, frequency, and multiuser diversity. Thereby they maximize the global system throughput while ensuring the highest possible level of fairness. However their performances heavily depend on the bandwidth granularity (i.e., the number of elementary resource units) that is used in the resource allocation process. This paper presents and compares the main OFDM scheduling techniques. In particular it studies the influence of bandwidth granularity on the resource allocation strategies performances. The paper reveals that though bandwidth granularity has never been considered in former studies, it is of major importance for determining the application range of advanced OFDM scheduling techniques. [Read More]