Korean Robot Will Toss Your Salad

This is CIROS, a household service robot from the Korean Institute of Science and Technology, and it’s going to take that giant knife right there and use it to whip up a big fat cucumber salad for you while definitely not stabbing any puny human meatbags.

You might be saying to yourself, “cucumbers and dressing? What kind of crummy salad is that!” But we’re confident that whatever cucumber slicing and salad dressing algorithms this robot is employing have been painstakingly optimized on a supercomputer to result in the best tasting salad ever. Plus, it’s made with robot luvin’.

In addition to making a salad, CIROS can recognize different kitchen appliances and a variety of household objects. It can perform tasks like pouring tea and other drinks for people (without spilling anything), and can even do the dishes, which is a skill that I would personally pay big money for. [read more..]