New Posts 24 December 2012 :D

Hello engineers :D. Today we have many interesting news on the web that you can see. let’s read and enjoyed it :D. here are the list of article:

1. Researchers, Hobbyists Developing Flying Grasping Robots

2. Man Puts (Paintball) Gun On Quadrotor, But Don’t Panic

3. Cisco IP Phones Vulnerable

4.New Machine Puts Quantum Computers’ Utility To The Test

5.Mapping From Wi-Fi “Fingerprints” Could Improve Indoor Navigation

6.Dances With Robot Arms, ROS Turns Five, LittleDog Says Hello

7.Hubo And Valves, UAVs And Lasers, And One Very Lucky Parrot

8. Laser Switches Insulator To Conductor And Back In Femtoseconds

9.The Human Face Within Big Data

10.One Reason Why Robotics Is Very, Very Important

11.Kenshiro Robot Gets New Muscles And Bones

and beside the new article ,  we have many photos from our activity. the photos can be seen on the featured and the photos category  😀


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