New Posts 25 January 2013 :D

Hello engineers :D . Today we have many interesting news on the web that you can see. let’s read and enjoyed it :D . here are the list of article:

1. Hands-On With The Next Generation Kinect: PrimeSense Capri

2.Submersible Robotic Fishoplane Can Swim For Hundreds Of Kilometers

3.CES Robots, FIRST Competition, And Power Loader

4.Our Cats Test The LRII Robotic Litter Box: A Paws-On Review

5.DARPA Wants To Seed The Ocean Depths With Upward Falling UAV Pods

6.One Moose, One Hundred Kilobots, And Robots Refueling Satellites

7.Navigation By The Soles Of Your Feet (And The Seat Of Your Pants)


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