New Posts 21 April 2013

Hello engineers :D . Today we have many interesting news on the web that you can see. let’s read and enjoyed it :D . here are the list of article:

1.Robot Ants Blaze Trails With Pheromones Of Light

2.DARPA ARM Robot Can Now Change Your Tires

3.Boston Dynamics’ New Petman Video Must Be Watched With This Soundtrack

4.This Humanoid Robot Gets Pushed Around But Stays On Its Feet

5.Video Friday: Robot Rocket, Giant Sphero, And 3D Printed Head

6.Graphene Takes Aim At Treating Alzheimer’s And Cancer

7.Graphene Could Help Prevent Another Lance Armstrong

8.Integrated Implant Makes It Easier To Control The Brain With Light

9.3D Printing The Skull Of King Richard III

10.Graphene And Molybdenite Join Forces For A New Flash Memory

11.Novel Nanostructures Give Boost To Phase Change Memory

12.Would The Mob Really Break Your Virtual Kneecaps With Counterfeit Chips?

13.Any Mobile Device Can Display Glasses-Free 3-D Images With This Novel Plastic Film

14.Nanostructures Of Butterfly Wings Lead To Anti-Counterfeiting Technique

15.Put Away Those 3-D Glasses If You’re Watching The Super Bowl

16.Bang & Olufsen’s Geoff Martin Pursues The Perfect Sound

17.The Librarian Of Congress Gets To Decide Whether Americans Can Unlock Their Phones. And He Says No.

18.A Dumb 3-D Printer Is A Million-Dollar Idea

19.Mind Reading To Predict The Success Of Online Games

20.App Watch: The Final Frontier—On Your Phone

21.Steve Mann: My “Augmediated” Life

22.Putting The Meter Under The Microscope

23.Review: Beam Toothbrush

24.PlanetSolar’s Christian Ochsenbein Sails The Seas On Sunshine

25.“Bionic Eye” Implants Will Hit The U.S. Market This Year
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