New post 30 April 2013 :D

Hello engineers :D . Today we have many interesting news on the web that you can see. let’s read and enjoyed it :D . here are the list of article:

1.Japanese Robot SCHAFT Shows Off Its Strong Limbs

2.Autonomous Balloon Destruction Wins Stanford Drone Games

3.Stanford Robot Block Party 2013

4.Biofluids Fuel Microrockets

5.Bizarre Soft Robots Evolve To Run

6.Video Friday: ICub Rides A Roomba, PR2 Can Hear You Now, And ROBOGAMES!

7.Taser Cam Puts Policing In The Spotlight

8.Glasses-Free 3-D From Almost Any Angle

9.Palo Alto Company Will Help Apple Navigate

10.A Smartphone App That Takes Your Temperature

11.Samsung Imagines A Future With Mind-Controlled Tablets

12.Japan’s Telepathy One Aims Smaller Than Google Glass

13.The Thinking Behind Obama’s BRAIN Initiative

14.Special Report: The Genetic Revolution

15.Injectable Optoelectronics For Brain Control

16.Genome To Go

17.Path Found To A Combined MRI And CT Scanner

18.‘Theranostic’ Nanoparticle Promises Improved Cancer Treatment

19.Nanosponges Soak Up Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria And Toxins

20.Nanowires Grow Better On Graphene

21.Researchers Discover New Structure Inside Nanowires

22.A Big Step Toward A Silicon Quantum Computer

23.Face Recognition Failed To Find Boston Bombers

24.Eye-Tracking Software Goes Mobile

25.Team DRC-Hubo Prepares For DARPA Robotics Challenge

26.FIRST And NI Announce New Robot Controller: Smaller, Faster, Super Rugged

27.Beware The Unstoppable Robot Turtle

28.PR2 Learns Pick And Place Skills, Gives Baxter A Run For Its Way Less Money

29.Beware The Unstoppable Cyborg Turtle

30.Brain Scans Show Humans Feel For Robots

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