Video Friday: iCub Is Evolving, Mind-Controlled Robot, and ROS for Drones

By Evan Ackerman

Now that we’re well past the crazy couple of weeks of ICRA and DRC, what do we have to get excited about with robotics? Why, everything, of course! While these flagship events are always exciting, the great thing about robotics is that fascinating research and development continues all the time, non-stop, which is why we’re able to bring you these Friday posts full of robot videos every single week. So let’s do it.

iCub is awesome, we just wish we know why it looks so serious most of the time. This video doesn’t tackle that particular issue, but it does give a comprehensive 15 minute overview of the project, and towards the end (fast forward to 10:57) project leader Giorgio Metta describes what the researchers are planning for iCub 3.0, a new version of the robot:  …[Read more]