Jeremiah, Kevin Kharisma Kenang, Riandi


Swarm Robot system was designed with the goal of implementing two static robotic units in the room to measure the length and width of the room, as well as mapping the position of static objects located in the room automatically by using swarming methods. The system consists of two units of robot and camera as they are connected with Matlab. Prototype units of robot designed using Arduino module connected to Matlab program, where both units serve to take the size of the room and detect objects that are located in the room with the use of sensors, where the data results obtained by each unit of the robot will be combined and processed using the Matlab program. The camera is connected to Matlab program used to create a sketch map of the room in digital form, thus the results of sketch map will be displayed on the GUI. Testing of measuring the size of the room with the original size of 116cm x 92cm room has a length measurement results accuracy percentage of 94.76% and the percentage of the width measurement accuracy of 82.5%, as well as the mapping of objects inside the room with the mapping accuracy of 24.61%.

Keywords: Swarming, Robot, Mapping, Sensor.

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