Where Are the Jobs for Autonomous Vehicle Engineers? GM and Google Top the List

It’s a good time to be an engineer with some expertise in autonomous vehicles, particular a software engineer.

That’s what Daniel Culbertson thinks. He’s an economist for Indeed.com, the web-based job search engine.

“This industry is on a steep line of growth right now, and I expect it to keep growing,” Culbertson said.

Culbertson recently took a look at all of Indeed’s job listings for autonomous vehicle engineers over the past year. Most of the tech jobs in the industry were for software engineers, he told me, and the most jobs were in Germany. Interestingly, he said, there is less interest from German job seekers in those German jobs than from U.S. job seekers in U.S. jobs, generally, he said, because the U.S. is leading in autonomous vehicle innovation, and engineers want to be where the most interesting technology is.

All signs point to continued growth in job postings, Culbertson said. “Looking at the list of top employers,…[Read more]