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  • Johannes Patrick
  • Muhammad Ichsan Ibrahim
  • Oxy Firdaus Al-Farouq


The security being used in houses these daysis not flawless and can be breached by certain means. Security falling asleep while on watch, door not locked when leaving the house, unknown individual breaking into the house makes it possible for the security to be breached by an outsider. By using a system that can identify the user using RFID and give a notification in the form of SMS that contains the tapping time the  through the use of a GSM Module that operates by using Arduinoas the controller. An AT Command can executed through mobile phone to operate various actions including locking the door or turning on/off the system. A 100% success rate of sending SMS was proven through the experiment and a 100% functionality of each sensors used in the system.

Keyword: Home Security, GSM Module, Arduino

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