Sensor Parkir Berbasis LoRaWan

Member :

  • Syafiq Akram
  • Christian Reynard Gunawan
  • Sulton Mohamad A.K.M


Research on the LoRaWan Research for Parking System is conducted to test the reliability of LoRaWan communication and whether can it be used in a parking system to forward information from a parking sensor system into a device that can process that information and send it again into another device that can communicate with LoRaWan, which is referred to be able to communicate wirelessly from 2 to 16 kilometer. The system is designed using ultrasonic sensors that is controlled by an Arduino. Output from the Arduino containing the status about those sensors will be forwarded into a device that is able to communicat with LoRaWan called mDot. From mDot, data will be forwarded to Conduit and the Conduit itself is the one housing the Lora Network Server. Conduit has it’s own GUI that can be configured by LAN. Data is taken at Binus University Anggrek room 700 by sending data from mDot to the Conduit and to measure the delay when the data reached the Conduit. Measurements will be done at floor 7,6, 5 untill basement.