Sistem Monitoring Jembatan Pada Titik Tertentu Menggunakan Internet Of Things

Member :

  • Mario Matheus Pradana
  • Kevin Nathanael
  • Vincentius Henry


Single point bridge monitoring system using internet of things designed to monitor the condition of the feasibility of a bridge and sends that data to the internet using the IoT Metod. Models are designed using Linduino module that is connected to the ADC and laser sensors. They used to take the bridge condition data. Data results obtained will be analyzed using the median filter algorithm. GPRS module which is connected with Linduino module is used to transmit data to ubidots, using ATCommand as an algorithm, and the results of data transmission on Ubidots will displayed in graphical form. Testing of the working accuracy of the ADC have the result of error does not exceed 2% and the use of median filter works well to eliminate the noise of data with the percentage success rate of close to 100%. Median filter can function well if noise occurs no more than 50% of the amount of data taken for filtering.

keywords: Median Filter, IoT, ADC, Laser Sensor, Bridge Monitoring

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