Cobalt Robotics Introduces a (Mostly) Autonomous Mobile Security Robot

Cobalt Robotics’ security robot uses advanced sensors and AI to navigate autonomously and look for suspicious activity.

Finding a viable business case for a commercial mobile robot is very tricky. At this point, the most you can realistically expect from a reliable and affordable autonomous platform is the ability to navigate in a semistructured premapped environment, which Savioke (to take one example) has managed to do with its delivery robots for hotels. Despite the fact that robots can do work for businesses, it’s been difficult to identify use cases where they can be valuable enough that said businesses will pay money to use them.

Today, Cobalt Robotics (a startup based in Palo Alto, Calif.) is announcing an autonomous mobile robot designed for indoor security applications that can “work alongside human guards to provide better security than people can do alone.” [Read More]