Perancangan Sistem Hidroponik dengan Real Time OS berbasis ARM Cortex-M Microcontroller

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  • Eka Putra Leo Nata  1701317824
  • Ivan Alexander          1701298535


Design of the Hydroponic System with Real Time Operating System (RTOS) is based on ARM Cortex-M Microcontroller for hydroponic cultivation. The main controller of the system utilized a Nucleo F411RE STM32 module which run mbedOS as the software with integrated RTOS. The whole system is connected with STM32 ranging from sensor EC meter, pH meter sensor, light sensor, carbon dioxide sensor, LED modules, water pumps, water stirring pump, dosing pump, and LCD module. STM32 will process all the data obtained from sensors, color control lights, water pump, water stirring pump, and LCD module. The system is capable of concocting the desired levels of nutrients in accordance with the desired concentration level with percentage difference of less than 3 %. Data collected from sensor can provide correct information of air temperature, air humidity, and carbon dioxide levels in the environment around the system. In RTOS experiment, the latency obtained is less than 15.5 μs with jitter less than 15.4 μs therefore the RTOS can be implemented on the system.

Keyword : Hydroponic, STM32, mbedOS, RTOS, embedded.

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