Real-Time Distance Image Sensor Detects Obstacles

Hamamatsu introduces a new distance image sensor

Hamamatsu Corporation has introduced a new distance image sensor, the S12973-01CT. It is capable of real-time distance measurement, and can be used for applications such as obstacle detection by autonomous cars and robots, shape recognition by robots, intrusion detection, and motion capture.

The S12973-01CT has a linear array of 64 pixels with a pixel pitch of 22 µm and pixel height of 50 µm. It has peak wavelength sensitivity at 800 nm. This device measures the distance to an object by a time-of-flight (TOF) method. When used in combination with a pulse modulated light source, the S12973-01CT outputs phase difference information based on the timing of the light emission and when the light is received. The sensor’s output signals are then arithmetically processed by an external signal processing circuit or a PC to obtain distance data.

For more information about S12973-01CT distance image sensor, including pricing and delivery time, please call Hamamatsu Corporation at 1-800-524-0504 or visit the company’s website,