Chromebook PusGita is a digital library system that can be easily carried and set up, equipped with around 3000 contents such as e-books and learning videos. This system is intended to provide access to reading books and learning videos to people in remote areas and with difficult road access. This system consists of 5 Chromebook laptops as clients and 1 Raspberry Pi as a server computer. To be able to access books and learning videos, the client laptop must be connected to the Raspberry Pi wirelessly.

This system is equipped with the Jellyfin application which is used as a user interface application to manage storage and access to content. With this application, users can easily search for titles, and switch folders from e-books to learning videos, and each book or video is equipped with a thumbnail to see the cover of the book they want to read or the video they want to watch.

If there is new content that the user wants to add to the system, the user can enter that content on the server. By adding new content to the system, all client laptops can access the new content. This new content can be sent via an internet connection or FlashDisk, making it easier and saving shipping costs.

There are no provisions for the specifications of the Chromebook the user wants to use. All laptops with the ChromeOS Operating System can be used in the system. Chromebooks can be purchased at affordable prices so that the initial costs for implementing a digital library system can be more affordable.

Product Impact

The aim of creating this system is to facilitate access to digital books and educational videos for Indonesian people in remote areas. With a more compact device shape and size, as well as content in digital form, the number of learning books and videos created can be greater and more varied. This system is aimed at foundations, libraries, or reading houses in remote areas.

Product Uniqueness

This system has innovations in the small size of the server and the ability of the digital library system to be moved easily. In general, a server and digital library system requires a large size and a special room to place the server. This innovation makes it easier to deliver and install the system to remote places and with difficult road access.
  • Dr. Rinda Hedwig S.Kom,M.T
  • Daniel Patricko Gemeno Hutabarat, S.T., M.T.
  • Ivan Alexander, S.T., M.T.I.
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