Mirafy is a innovative solution in this modern era of technology that brings a revolutionary IoT based smart mirror that is designed to solve the need of accessing information without depending on a smartphone. Mirafy combines technology with everyday life functionality.

With a dimension of 53,8 cm x 33,2 cm x 6,4 cm, Mirafy comes in a modern and elegant frame, perfect to fit in any room, from the living room to an office space. Although it looks like an ordinary mirror, Mirafy is equipped with many features that allows the user to access information easily and comfortably.
Mirafy comes with these features:

– Mirafy Forecast
With access to OpenWeather.org, Mirafy serves you a real time weather forecast, helping users in planning their activities.

– Mirafy Clock
Mirafy Clock: Displaying a complete time information including date and time of the day.

– Mirafy Sensor Monitoring
Measuring temperature, humidity, and air quality around Mirafy to ensure that the user is in a healthy environment.

– Mirafy Notification Mirroring
Through PushBullet, users can see thei smartphone notifications in Mirafy, making it a efficient information center.

– Mirafy Spotify Controller
With access to the user’s Spotify account, Mirafy allows full control over the music being played and displaying a graphic information regarding the song being played.

– Mirafy Headline News
Displays headlines from the latest news taken from CNN, users can get the latest information without having to search the news manually.

– Mirafy RGB Lighting
Designed with RGB lighting as ambience light located behind the back panel, Mirafy creates a soothing atmosphere when used. Users can configure lighting settings from their smartphone.

– Mirafy Seemode
Mirafy has a transparent button located at the bottom of the screen to display or hide the various features if the user wants a clean solid screen.
Mirafy is also equipped with Infra Red Frame that acts as a touch sensor, allowing a more intuitive interaction. Using two-way mirror technology, user can see the displayed information while still using the mirror. Powered with a 12 V 5A power supply adaptor and AC 200V 50Hz, Mirafy is a complete solution for information and entertainment needs in this digital era.


  • 2540125390 – Farrel Zephaniah Lie
  • 2540128184 – Jeremy Andre Muljono
  • 2501994241 – Matthew Filbert Tander
  • D3039 – Rudy Susanto