New Posts 30 June 2013 :D

Hello engineers :D . Today we have many interesting news on the web that you can see. let’s read and enjoyed it :D . here are the list of article:

1.DARPA VRC Challenge Results: Here’s Who Gets An ATLAS Humanoid

2.Kinect 2.0 Developer Kit Preorder Applications Now Open

3.Self-Burying Robot Could Be Hiding In Your Backyard Right Now

4.Germans Developing Robot Ape

5.Your Dad’s Next Nurse Might Be A Robot

6.The DNA Data Deluge

7.Carbon Nanotubes Capture Electrical Signals Between Neurons

8.“BigBrain” Project Makes Terabyte Map Of A Human Brain

9.Flying Quadrotors With Your Mind

10.Can Avatars Help Close The Doctor-Patient Communication Gap?

11.A $40 Software-Defined Radio

12.Civic-Minded Hacking

13.ICandy: Bionics

14.A Consumer’s Guide To Fake Meat

15.Science-Fiction Movie Roundup

16.Repackaging The News For Smartphones

17.This Week In Cybercrime: FDA Urges Tighter Cybersecurity For Medical Devices

18.Millimeter Waves May Be The Future Of 5G Phones

19.Tracking Food, For Safety’s Sake

20.Signal-Twinning Trick Breaks Fiber Distance Record

21.US Prosecutors Want ‘Kill Switch’ To Stop Smartphone Theft

22.Graphene Nanoribbons Bring New Twist To Li-Ion Batteries

23.Adventures In Printing Food

24.Chef In A Box

25.Smartwatch Saves Battery Life With Two Processors

26.CMU’s Zoe Robot Resumes Search For Life On Earth

27.Disposable Drones Will Collect Data By Surfing Along With Hurricanes

28.Roach-Net Radio

29.This Robot Wants To Beat You At Air Hockey

30.Microsoft’s Robot Touch Screen Lets You Palpate A Brain

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